Stories of Remarkable Women

To celebrate the Remarkable Women in our lives, we are inviting women, men and children to send their stories of a woman who inspires them: a hero, someone quietly remarkable or simply a fabulously ordinary woman, to be honoured in words and images. It may be a short story, a letter, a poem, a recipe, a drawing or a photograph and in the language in which the story teller is most comfortable, mother tongue or English.

Aziza Emranali by Sultana Shamsi

This piece , a pendant in Stirling Silver, is one of the first pieces of jewellery that I designed and made ten years ago. It is a tribute to my mother who would have hated tributes. I made this form, a woman shaped flower with an umbilical cord still attached to the little baby shape, signifying an attachment that always exists. That I derive my power from this metaphysical cord and am the woman I am , the mother I am is because of this continuous current of love that charges me from some unknowable sphere where she may be. That she was a remarkable woman is undisputed by everyone who knew more

A collection of stories

We are asking for stories up to 350 words (roughly one page) which will be exhibited in our online collection and printed and displayed at one of our Remarkable Women live events. We would love to publish your stories and images. Please send them in, indicating if you agree to have them included in our online collection, at future live events - or both. If you choose to send a story in a language other than English please send us a translation.

For more information or if you would like to submit a story or would like advice please contact us
Email: Remarkable Women

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