Women hold up Half The Sky


In 2021 Half The Sky embarks on an ambitious project, both social movement and joyful celebration of women. Throughout the year we will hold events - think ins, workshops, seminars - culminating in an annual gathering of women which celebrates our achievements in conversation, debate, music, performance and art.

Stories will be at the heart of the gatherings: stories told in community events, stories developed in workshops and featured in parades and performances, stories told with music, art, food and in conversation.

By telling our stories, by listening and sharing experiences, we'll expand our communities, build connections, grow our imaginations, and discover social courage and creativity.


I'm not a feminist but...

It is fantastic how the word ‘feminist’ has brushed itself off, lost some of its stigma and is striding around again in the modern world, particularly with young people. Everywhere women are again asking "when is gender equality going to happen?"

We've had it with witch hunts, with the suppression of women’s voices, with violence, sexual abuse, economic disempowerment and the fundamental disrespect of women and girls - it's everywhere, in every society, in every country.

We look around us and see that when women act, when they lead, they bring transformative change to entire communities and the world at large. And now billions of people across the world are speaking up, taking a stand and making big and small actions to advance women’s rights. This is Generation Equality. In creating a series of events and a festival that recognises and loudly celebrates the ordinary and extraordinary achievements of women we will join this global movement. And we invite you to join us:


TJ Mia and Alta Roma of Sister Kate's  Home Kids Aboriginal Corporation perform a ceremony of healing and empowerment at our Canning Think In, 29 May 2021 (This row and top row). Photography: Deborah May